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Alen Zivkovic is a remarkable individual with over 23 years of experience coaching beginners and ATP players in tennis. Alen’s background as a former competitive tennis player and professional and a university-educated coach has given him exceptional skills in managing and leading teams of young people. That’s not all; Alen is also an accomplished entrepreneur who successfully founded his own company, Monell Pro d.o.o., in 2006. As one of Slovenia’s leading computer and electrical hardware equipment developers, Alen has worked on more than 4,300 projects in the EU.

Residential STK, STE cabinets

Due to its small depth, practical use, and aesthetic appearance. The cabinet thus enables modern customer-tailored solutions that require the most miniature applications to be equipped to the latest standards, taking up as little space as possible.
Despite its small depth, the cabinet can include all active units of various telecommunications service providers, routers, telephone installation, cable installation, and optics while maintaining low purchase costs. The concealed STK STE cabinet is designed in the so-called modular way, so that individual additional components can be installed in the cabinet if desired.
STK cabinets are divided into 5 basic sets:
STK = Residential Communication Cabinet STE = Residential Electrical Cabinet STK / STE Combined CTK = Central Communication Cabinet STO = Residential Optical Cabinet
The entire STK + STE program is the fruit of Slovenian development and production. For special wishes, we listen to the customer’s requests.
Patented at the Patent Office of the Republic of Slovenia – Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Monell pro

You can find distribution products of structural cabling, optical communications, communication racks, STK home cabinets on a company page, Monell pro d.o.o.

Monell pro d.o.o. is an authorized distributor of the Excel Structured Cabling System. Excel Registration No: 5498

Soho Cabinet STK

As an entrepreneur interested in developing computer and electrical hardware equipment, we could form a mutually beneficial partnership.

The company, Monell Pro d.o.o. , is one of the main Slovenia computer and electrical hardware equipment developers, participating in more than 4,300 projects in the EU. We're offering partnerships to distributors/integrators to help us expand our reach and increase sales in the EU.

I'd love to discuss this opportunity and answer any questions you may have. If you're interested, please let me know, and we can schedule a call to review the details.

Thank you for your time and consideration.