Backboxes and Patress Boxes

Backboxes and Patress Boxes

Backboxes and patress boxes are enclosure boxes used in structured cabling installations to house and protect network cabling components.

A backbox is a wall-mounted enclosure designed to provide a protective housing for network components, such as network switches, routers, or other networking devices. The enclosure is typically installed in the wall, and the networking components are mounted inside the box. Backboxes are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate various types of networking components.

Patress boxes, however, are similar to backboxes but are typically used to house electrical sockets, switches, and other similar components. They are also designed to be mounted on the wall and are typically smaller and less deep than backboxes.

Excel offers a range of backboxes and patress boxes in different sizes and configurations to meet various installation requirements. These boxes are made from high-quality materials designed to provide durable and reliable network and electrical components protection.

Some of the backboxes and patress boxes offered by Excel include Excel single gang 32mm back box, Excel single gang 47mm back box, Excel double gang 37mm back box, and more.

Floorboxes and Inserts

Floorboxes and inserts are essential components in Excel-structured cabling installations that allow for the safe and efficient routing of network cabling and another wiring across a building’s floors.

A floorbox is a type of enclosure that is installed into the floor of a building and provides safe housing for network and electrical components. These boxes can be fitted with different types of inserts, which allow for the routing and connection of various kinds of cables and connectors.

Inserts are components that fit inside the floorboxes and allow for the routing and connection of various cables and connectors. These include data connectors, power sockets, audio and video connectors, and other components commonly used in modern buildings. Excel offers a range of inserts to suit different installation requirements, including angled and straight data outlets, power sockets, and blanking plates.

Some floorboxes offered by Excel include Excel 3-compartment floor box, Excel 4- compartment floor box, Excel double switched power socket for 350-601 3- compartment floor box, and more.

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