Behind Every Successful Man, There Is A Morning

Behind Every Successful Man, There Is A Morning

We have heard that behind every successful man, there is a woman. But then some claim that behind every unsuccessful man also, there is a woman. This is a debatable topic, but I am here to tell you about something that is unarguably behind every successful man. It is how they start their mornings is that makes them different from others. Here is a list of things that most people do in the morning but the successful ones don’t.

1. Checking Your Phones

The moment your alarm rings, which nowadays is, unfortunately, your phone, the first thing you do is start checking your phone for new notifications, messages, emails, updates, or other stuff which may seem important but is actually not that important. Checking your phone first thing in the morning is tempting but just think about what it does to your brain. When you start your day, the best thing to do with your brain is to keep it fresh and relaxed so that it stays prepared to handle the upcoming processing requirements of the day. But what you do is put your brain in overdrive the moment you wake up by bombarding it with information from your phone. You unconsciously start to feel overwhelmed already. Not only does it stress your brain, but it also sets a negative mood even before you start your day because the information you receive every day from your phones is usually not that joyful. Hence it becomes difficult for you to focus on your priorities and goals.

It is best to leave your phone or any other source of information like TV alone, sit back and enjoy your tea or coffee while thinking and preparing yourself for the rest of the day. Believe me, you will be much more productive this way.

2. Skipping Breakfast

More than often, you have a lot to do with your time in a day. To manage things, it seems like a convenient option to just skip your breakfast. But the problem is, as convenient as it may seem, it does more harm to you than you can possibly imagine. It is not just a phrase when we say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is a fact that has been proved repeatedly through scientific research. Just think about it. Your body has been without food for several hours after dinner. If you skip your breakfast, you deprive yourself of food for more than 12 hours straight. As a result, your blood sugar level starts to plummet, and it keeps doing that until you eat. It eventually causes dizziness, chills, and tiredness. You can imagine how hard it is for the brain to concentrate in such conditions. You become less aware and alert than you should be because your brain needs glucose (sugar) to process information.

Eating a healthy breakfast not only keeps you more energetic the whole day but also improves your mood in general. So, believe it or not, behind the ability of a successful person to handle everything that is thrown at him during the day is a healthy breakfast.

3. Doing Everything in A Random Order

How many of us pick up a pen and paper in the morning and make a list of things that need to be done in the day in order of priority? Very few, I guess. This is what makes those very few people more successful than the others. Planning your day may seem like an extra thing to do in the morning, but it will make your whole day easier and more productive. If you are not the kind of person who usually keeps pen and paper handy, then you can also do so by using an app like OneNote on your phone (though not right after you wake up).

Prioritizing all the tasks of your day prepares you mentally and makes it easier to divide your time according to the importance of the task. It also helps you to keep a track of your progress anytime during the day and makes it less likely for you to miss something important and get worried afterward. A planned day can easily create a difference between being successful in whatever field you are in and keep struggling to make ends meet.

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