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Alen Zivkovic is a remarkable individual with over 23 years of experience coaching beginners and ATP players in tennis. Alen’s background as a former competitive tennis player and professional and a university-educated coach has given him exceptional skills in managing and leading teams of young people. That’s not all; Alen is also an accomplished entrepreneur who successfully founded his own company, Monell Pro d.o.o., in 2006. As one of Slovenia’s leading computer and electrical hardware equipment developers, Alen has worked on more than 4,300 projects in the EU. He even created the STK patent, a revolutionary innovation in IT hardware SOHO cabinets that was successfully brought to market. With an impressive list of references, including involvement with Slovenia Public Institutes, the Office of the Prime Minister and the President’s Cabinet, and the Ministries of the Republic of Slovenia, Alen’s expertise is widely and highly recognized. He has also supplied projects in the EU and outside the EU, including projects for one of Slovenia’s biggest telecommunication companies, Iskratel d.o.o. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits and love of sports, Alen is passionate about continuous learning and growth. He has completed more than 150 hours of didactical and individual training in TA (transactional analysis), which has helped him achieve the high goals he has set for himself.

Today, Alen is dedicated to growing his company, Monell Pro d.o.o., into a global brand while sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. He is also investing in the real estate business enthusiastically and has already completed his first project while gaining valuable experience renovating housing units. Alen’s vision and passion for success are evident in his book, My Solution, where he generously shares the expertise and knowledge he gained as an entrepreneur and tennis coach. With his impressive track record and dedication to excellence, Alen is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance.

Introducing Monell Pro

Activities of Monell Pro doo

Monell pro doo is a company formed by people with passion. The main activities of the company throughout history are:

  • Production and development of 19″ communication cabinets, server cabinets and additional equipment Monell pro, 2006.
  • Production, development, innovation of STK residential cabinets, 2010.
  • Setting up an online store with passive and active telecommunications equipment, 2015.
  • Official EXCEL Networking distributor of structured cabling and fiber optic communications, 2019.

Why Choose Monell Pro doo

Activities of Monell Pro doo

  • Rapid response
  • Willingness to continuously improve our products
  • A successful research department offers innovative solutions in the field of telecommunications equipment
  • Willingness to listen to the client’s requirements and look for specific solutions
  • Fast and up-to-date communication with customers
  • Adaptability to client requirements
  • Reliability and positive customer relations
  • Excellent customer support from the beginning of negotiations to realisation
  • Ability and desire to improve products and develop new ones

Competitive Advantages of Monell Pro doo

  • The high quality of metal and aluminum parts ensures strength of the elements
  • High quality powder coating of metal parts/protection
  • Solid construction, precise bending
  • Innovation

Business Partnership With Future Distributors

As an entrepreneur interested in developing computer and electrical hardware equipment, we could form a mutually beneficial partnership.


The company, Monell Pro d.o.o. , is one of the main Slovenia computer and electrical hardware equipment developers, participating in more than 4,300 projects in the EU. We’re offering partnerships to distributors/integrators to help us expand our reach and increase sales in the EU.


I’d love to discuss this opportunity and answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested, please let me know, and we can schedule a call to review the details.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Our products are currently sold on the Slovenian market, but we have had several projects in different countries through our important integrators.

Research and Development

At Monell pro doo, we intensively develop communication equipment, which is a product of our own knowledge and provides key advantages to our products even after entering the market. All our products are of high quality, effective and safe. We market our products under our own Monell pro brand.


The company Monell pro d.o.o. manufactures telecommunications products that are equal to the leading telecommunications manufacturers in terms of quality, efficiency and security. Quality in the broadest sense is created, maintained and the responsibility of every employee. With a systematic approach, we want to exceed the needs of customers and achieve the set operational goals.

Employee Management

Business success is based on the commitment and knowledge of employees. We strive to acquire, motivate and retain dedicated employees and build the culture of an international company. Our value is investing in the knowledge and development of all employees.

We love our job

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Lena Milina
Interior designer
Lena Milina
Interior designer

We love nature

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